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Suspension For Your Knees®

Redbacks® award winning knee pad technology is now available in a strapped version.


  • Containing Redbacks® patented leaf spring cushioning
  • Designed and approved by an Ergonomist, Clinical Scientist and Biomedical Engineer 
  • Engineered for comfort and protection
  • Articulated straps with dust-resistant fastening
  • Can be worn on bare skin or over trousers
  • Penetration-resistant waterproof cover
  • Soft, breathable inner fabric wicks away sweat
  • Scientifically proven to reduce point pressure and distribute weight
  • Designed for long term use with 100% continuous support
  • Thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces
  • Washable at 30°c
  • 100% recyclable pad

UK Patent no. 2467646

China Patent no. 201080016214.8

South African Patent no. 2011/06463

European Patent App. no. 2393387

Australian Patent App. no. 2010212195

Canadian Patent App. no. 2751632

New Zealand Patent App. no. 595004

USA Patent App. no. 13/148153

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