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Suspension For Your Knees®


Redbacks® award winning knee pads have been scientifically proven to outperform foam knee pads by Professors at Staffordshire University.

  • Fits pocketed work trousers
  • 100% recyclable
  • Patented Leafspring technology
  • Curved to fit around knee
  • Waterproof & machine washable
  • Reduces point pressure
  • Distributes weight
  • Penetration protection CE EN 14404 type 2 level 1
  • Protection from hot & cold surfaces
  • Maintains 100% support
Watch the film below for an independent review of Redbacks knee pads by Wayne de Wet

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RedbacksKneepad Thank you for placing your trust in Redbacks kneepad technology, you will now have many years of #happyknees…

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