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Welcome to Redbacks Cushioning, developers of award-winning cushioning and protection products for a wide range of everyday consumer and commercial working environments.

Our patented ‘Leaf-Spring’ technology delivers unrivalled protection and cushioning for the body, where alternative protective equipment simply isn’t up to the job.

Whether, kneeling, standing or sitting, our knee pad, footwear and seating technology is scientifically proven to offer superior support for the body, enabling you to work safer, more effectively and for longer.

Trusted by workers, accredited by industry and verified by science, Redbacks Cushioning products are the number one choice in performance work wear solutions.


Boiler Guide Product Of The Month

December 2016

Knee pain and damage is one of the most common health issues faced by HVAC installers. Safety equipment is one of the top ways to reduce the impact of the job, and after researc....

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